VUTS and Nexa3D Case Study


Nexa3D, by supplying reliable and efficient 3D printers, is reshaping the landscape of 3D printing across Europe. When VUTS sought rapid results with a dependable product, they collaborated with Nexa3D to address their production limitations. With growing demands, VUTS required technology that could expedite production without compromising quality. Enter the NXE400.

About VUTS

Established in the 1950s, VUTS designs and supplies machines for manufacturing enterprises. Their specialty lies in creating machines optimized for producing specific products efficiently. As an industry leader, this Czech-based firm provides fast and reliable machines for sectors such as packaging, automotive, and textiles.
VUTS machines are engineered to craft tools, end-use parts, and other assembly essentials. The company emphasizes relationship-building, initiating every project with a detailed customer consultation. This ensures tailored solutions, customer satisfaction, and machines that meet precise specifications. Once the machine’s design is finalized, VUTS develops prototypes and assembles the final product at the client’s location.
Despite their successful modus operandi and expanding clientele, VUTS faced internal production challenges. Their legacy equipment couldn’t synchronize component production, causing project delays. An upgrade to a swifter printer, which still ensured safety and high quality, became imperative given the daily rigors their machines faced.

What is NXE400 and its Function?

The NXE400 stands out as a faster 3D printer, boasting a print space 2.5 times larger than most competitors. This state-of-the-art device minimizes the physical footprint while maximizing the printing capacity and offering diverse material options. Companies can now complete jobs within days, tasks that previously spanned a week.
Its rapid production capability makes the NXE400 ideal for tight schedules. Its design prioritizes durability, reliability, and future upgrades, ensuring it remains at the technology’s forefront. Unlike alternatives, the NXE400’s upgradeable nature promises cost-effective longevity.
Its compact design doesn’t compromise its printing prowess. Multiple units can co-exist in a single space, enabling simultaneous printing of diverse or identical parts. Thanks to its advanced resin-based materials and printing techniques, the NXE400 reduces post-processing time, ensuring products are smoother, cost-efficient, and of higher quality.

Working Together

With the NXE400 at their disposal, VUTS drastically reduced their production times, delivering machines in days instead of weeks. The persistent issue of partially assembled machines awaiting parts has been minimized, enabling VUTS to address their customer demands promptly.
Rapid part replacement and repairs, feasible within a day, reduce operational downtimes for businesses, strengthening customer loyalty. The NXE400’s intuitive interface streamlines job queuing and multitasking, minimizing idle times and boosting productivity. This efficiency trickles down from Nexa3D to VUTS, and eventually, to the end-users benefiting from the machines produced.

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