Pack3D Investment in NXE400


Nexa3D is transforming how companies do business by introducing the NXE400, a faster and more reliable printer. Pack3D was having difficulty producing end products quickly for their customers due to frequent manufacturing delays, which resulted in longer wait times for everyone. But installing the ultrafast NXE400 printer allows the company to handle both design and manufacturing with fewer delays and faster results.

NXE400 Ultrafast 3D Printer

Printing in 3D takes large amounts of time since each small layer must be added and dried before the next layer can be printed. For small projects, this can take hours, and for larger jobs, it can take hundreds of hours. Because it uses UV to cure each layer as it prints, the NXE400 printer can do large jobs faster while offering higher print speeds and increased curing. This printer produces a high-quality product at faster speeds than any other 3D printer available on the market.

This printer also offers a larger print area than others that’s up to twice as large as most other print surfaces. This feature makes it easier to complete larger tasks and jobs with less time spent on aftercare and hand-building when the individual smaller parts are provided by other machines. Rather than printing each part separately and hand-building the product later, the larger base prints huge pieces all at once and can do it faster than other models. The NXE400 also offers higher resolution to improve the accuracy of each print, while allowing greater detail with each precision print.

This printer was created in a modular system, allowing for future upgrades as technology advances. You will be able to purchase the new developments and switch them out and add them to your printer on-site. This can save money over time by avoiding the need to replace the entire printer as the technology changes.

Programming is easier than ever with an intuitive program that connects the design to the printer and easily translates the preferences to create the exact design. It also allows for easier changes to the design. The system is easy to learn, lowering training costs and decreasing mistakes.

Measured Improvements for Pack3D

Providing full service from the basic design of the product through the delivery of an end product to the customer, Pack3D faced several challenges that are widely known in this industry.

They had to wait for earlier projects to be completed before getting the products set up and printed, which caused delays. They also faced concerns with low quality in their finished products, long printing times that delayed all projects and increased wait times company-wide, and a comparably high cost per print. To overcome these issues, they began looking for faster and better printers.

With their investment into the Nexa400, the company was able to see several improvements in their business and improve the services offered. They have been able to get items from design to prototype faster, produce tools or molds needed for tasks more quickly and accurately, and enable faster production of final run products.

They can now complete more jobs than ever before by turning over projects more quickly. Plus, the product quality has improved, allowing them to attract more new customers at a higher rate. And since customers can now deliver products faster, create tools needed, and launch new products quicker than ever before, their business will also grow. Pack3D maintains its customer base and encourages growth within its own company by helping customers grow their businesses faster. Loyal customers will order more and more as often as they replenish needed items. This will increase both the volume and frequency of sales. Additionally, the new equipment allows the chain to remain unbroken from the design of a prototype to the printing of final products before completing delivery to the customer.

Increased quality of the completed printing has an indirect effect on the cost of production because there is less waste and fewer items discarded due to imperfections. This saves time and money and allows orders to be completed quickly and efficiently. Customers will be attracted to a business that can offer high-quality products in a shorter time frame. The improved quality of service will encourage customers to pay a premium for that service. In this way, having the right equipment directly increases the profit margins of any business, and in such a largely scalable process, this is particularly true in the growing field of 3D printing.

The recent upgrade in equipment to the Nexa400 leads to improved profit margins in other ways as well. With shorter printing times for each item, there is a drop in the amount of electricity used, which directly affects the cost of goods sold. Therefore, less power for the same results will improve the profit margin. Plus, this particular printer reduces the waste of raw materials, so there is a decrease in production costs and an increase in the earnings for each item.

Pack3D offers end products and tools for customers in wholesale orders. They also provide replacement parts to maintain their equipment and molds for creating end products or items they need for their purposes. Finally, they offer prototypes and design services to help their customers get through the design phase, ensuring that the product is completed with high quality in a reasonable time frame.

Successful Transition

The transition from their past printer to the new was eased with the support of the manufacturer, the ease of use of the program for the printer and the operators’ interface, and the ability to make items faster. The company has experienced an improvement in the quality of the items that come from the printer. This significantly lessens the work remaining after removing the item from the printer until it can be used. Less finishing work speeds the process and saves hours in completing them or smoothing the edges, which ultimately gets the product to the customer faster. By implication, this shortens the time involved in processing customer orders and completing finished products. As a result, the quality of service that Paxck3D provides to its customers has been improved.

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