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Nexa3D is taking 3D printing into the future. They provide a variety of 3D printers, including photo plastic printers and thermoplastic printers, and post-processing supplies to complete the finishing process efficiently and safely. In addition to their improvements in printing directly, they have also upgraded their software to guarantee that designs translate seamlessly from concept to final product.

Photo Plastic Printers

The NXE400 Photoplastic 3D printer offers a larger print space than other printers with twice the printing capacity of previous machines. It has been optimized for peak performance and accepts a range of materials to ensure the best fit is found each time. The printer offers 16L of volume for building in dimensions over 10 inches by 6.3 inches by 15 inches. Because it has the largest print space for its size, it can produce larger items without losing the compact footprint that allows it to fit in many different locations and not take up large amounts of space. The footprint is 28 by 28 inches and 66 inches high.

The printer requires only a 120VAC electrical source, suitable for most offices and small businesses but with a large print area to accommodate larger projects. It accepts the use of UV curable plastic that is available in a few colors, with black being one of the most popular for its versatility and ability to highlight any imperfections or errors. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for easy access to the system’s standard software, which enables remote management of the printer from any computer. The software provides a complete set of tools for adjusting the orientation, editing the design, and preparing the images for printing. It has been designed to be easy to use for anyone with minimal training. The application makes it easy to transfer the project easily from design to the printing queue.

The printer’s software works seamlessly with the computers on site when using the familiar Windows 10 operating system. In addition, the modular design allows for the interchangeable parts of the printer to be changed out and upgraded when new technology becomes available. This ability will delay obsolescence for many years, and upgrades will be more easily affordable and attainable than replacing an entire machine when it becomes outdated.

The NXD200 is a Photoplastic printer created for dental applications. It holds an 8.5L volume area for building, a space larger than 10 inches by 6 inches by 7 inches. It works with 4K resolution and uses plastics cured by UV light, KeyModel Ultra, KeySplint Soft, KeyGuid, and KeyTray for building supplies. It uses software that allows for easy editing and the correction of design errors before sending them to the printer. Because of its modest size and familiar Microsoft Windows operating system, it is suitable for any dental office.

Thermoplastic 3D Printer

The QLS 350 is the fastest thermoplastic 3D printer available, with printing speeds up to 4 times faster than previous or competitor units. It creates a fast and viable replacement for those who use a polymer-based material for injection molding, with a faster print speed and faster curing. Also, it is widely compatible with many print materials and offers a cost-effective printing method.


One of the main supplies is the membrane used within the machine. Nexa3D has developed an Everlast Membrane that will provide a faster print speed and improve the finishing of each printed product as it is removed from the printer. It is created to be highly durable and will last up to 25x longer than previous layer interface options. Additionally, it will offer a smoother surface when finished. This ensures the details will be visible as intended rather than being lost in the process, keeping the full effect of the printed item’s design.

The xCURE houses your newly printed resin products for improved curing after the final printing. It increases durability, maintains structural integrity, and ensures that the printed item’s measurements are accurate to those included in the original design.

The xWASH offers a washer for the pieces and can fit any size made with the NXE400 and smaller printers. This washer removes a build-up of film or extra material on the printed piece.

The full range of build materials is available on their website to ensure that customers can easily find the items they need and keep their machines working. The online availability of parts and supplies will help reduce downtime and improve productivity.

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