Everything You Need To Know About Nexa 3D xWASH

About Nexa 3D xWASH

The Nexa 3D xWASH is the 3D photoplastic wash machine invented by the Nexa3D company to complete the 3D additive printing process.

It follows in the line of machines necessary for complete 3D printing and is suitable for all users across different additive manufacturing industries.

The Nexa3D’s xWASH is designed to handle the volume and output speed of the ultrafast NXE400 3D printer. The unit is fashioned to accommodate all Nexa 3Ds photoelastic materials, giving additive manufacturers a powerful, consistent, and sustainable all-in-one washing solution.

The xWASH is made more effective and grounded for perfection with Nexa xCLEAN, another Nexa3D company product. When these machines are used together, you will experience saturation limits that are three times higher. The Nexa xCLEAN machine also offers environmentally friendly recycling options and enhanced chemical/flash-point safety features.

The xWASH directly matches the full NXE400 build volume. This means you can operate up to two NXE400 build platforms simultaneously for streamlined post-processing workflow. Alternatively, you can enjoy the option of a loose parts basket for production flexibility and easiness. If you don’t have that need for increased production, you can still rely on the xWASH to match the full NXE400’s full build volume.

The xWASH stirs in a Bi-directional manner at different velocities to make it effective in cleaning regardless of the part’s shape. It also has an adjustable cleaning timer to allow for sufficient cleaning time based on the geometry part and resin type.



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The unit is designed with specialized drain and fill ports for easy maintenance. A pot life timer notifies when the cleaner has reached saturation limits signaling for draining of the pot. A Tritan plastic reservoir allows you to clearly watch the process and cleaner level. The drain and fill ports increase the unit’s durability and make it more efficient in a manufacturing environment.

A touch screen user interface makes it easy to set and adjust bath cleaning duration, agitation speed/direction, and cleaner useful life.

With the Nexa 3D xWASH system, additive manufacturing facilities enjoy a reduced cost of post-processing operations. Your facility can save up to 75% when compared to other post-processing units, and you will experience a substantial profit return.

The Nexa 3D xWASH is preprogrammed with cleaning instructions and works only with Nexa3D’s sustainable xCLEAN washing detergent. This allows operators to perform routine and programmed wash cycle durations, and it also controls the speed and direction of water agitation through the xWASH’s touchscreen. Because of this, the Nexa3D has a higher production yield and consistent quality.

Again, the mechanical properties and finishing details are becoming more important than ever as demand for additive manufacturing increases. This implies a great need for better automated, controlled, validated, and sustainable post-processing solutions.

According to Nexa3D COO Kevin McAlea, “Our new xWASH matches the build volumes and process requirements of our ultrafast NXE400 3D printer, giving manufacturers repeatable and consistent control of their washing cycles. It also represents the final step in our end-to-end validated workflow, completing our suite of ultrafast photo plastic production systems.”

Again, the mechanical properties and finishing details are becoming more important than ever as demand for high-volume additively manufactured parts increases. This implies a great need for more advanced post-processing solutions to ensure parts can be manufactured and processed with the highest possible level of efficiency.

About Nexa 3D xWASH

Nexa xWASH Specifications

  • A designated Nexa xCLEAN part washing solution for optimal results.
  • Ability to accommodate 2x NXE400 build platforms and/or loose parts basket.
  • Bi-directional agitation with variable speeds.
  • Adjustable cleaning cycle timer and cleaner saturation timer.
  • Automatic Z-axis up/down with secondary lid/cover
  • An easy touch screen user-friendly interface with color display
  • Well crafted drain/fill ports
  • A 35L Tritan reservoir

Benefits of Using the Nexa3D xWASH

Nexa3D has a dental printer for dental offices of all sizes. The printer has a small footprint with a
larger-than-average print space, allowing it to fit neatly into the smallest of dental offices. The materials for the printer are medical grade and safe for dental use. Popular uses include nightguards (which can be

  • Optimized for Nexa xCLEAN to leverage 3X the saturation limits, environmentally friendly recycling options, and chemical/flash-point safety characteristics.
  • Accepts NXE400 build platforms for streamlined post-processing workflow or basket option for production flexibility; accepts full NXE400 build volume.
  • Bi-directional stirring with variable speeds ensures efficient cleaning regardless of part geometry.
  • An adjustable cleaning timer allows optimized cleaning time based on part geometry and resin type.
  • Dedicated drain and fill ports facilitate easy maintenance; the pot life timer notifies when the cleaner has reached saturation limits.
  • Tritan cleaner reservoir provides clear process and cleaner level viewing and provides maximum durability for the production environment.
  • The ability to automatically raise and lower the Z-axis with a secondary lid/cover provides an extra safeguard from chemical exposure.
  • Touch screen user interface makes it easy to set bath cleaning duration, agitation speed/direction, and a cleaner useful life.

Build Dimension

Overall Dimensions:

L x W x H: 400 x 420 x 860mm


60kg (wet)

Reservoir Capacity:


Maximum Part Capacity:

L x W x H: > 275 x 155 x 400mm



Agitation Method: Magnetic impeller Power Supply:

110-240VAC 50/60Hz, XXXW

Operating Temperature specifications:

+10 °C to +40 °C (+50 °F to +104 °F)

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